About us

Tresbon is a flagship Company of the TRB Group Tresbon was established under the Dynamic Leadership of our Late Chairman Sh. Ved Prakash Aggarwal and his legacy is being carried forward by our current Chairman Sh Rajesh Aggarwal.

The Pioneer & The Vision

Sh. Rajesh Aggarwal, a modest man, who made a humble beginning with a grand Vision, has come a long way in 25 years, but if something has not changed along the way, it is his modesty and his Vision:

To provide products rich in Quality and Goodness across an ever-growing network of Consumers, with a motto of Everyday Everywhere making our products an essential part of the life of every individual

From Humble Past to Glorious Present The Beginnings

The journey of a thousand miles is made up of a million steps, but the most important one is always the First step

Quality policy

We are committed to manufacture & supply quality products, which exceed customer satisfaction and market requirements. The HACCP system (hazard analysis of critical control points) adopted by us, enables to demonstrate our commitment with respect to safe food, which ensures that our products are free from physical, chemical and biological hazards.


A Responsible Company with Vision, an Understanding of the Consumer's needs, Quality, Distribution, Business Acumen and above all, a constant Drive to keep bettering ourselves.

We believe that with our continued commitment to excellence in every aspect of wholesome production and distribution, we are going to keep discovering Newer, Bigger and Brighter Horizons for Ourselves, our Partners, and above all, the most-valued - our Consumers