Tomato Paste

A perfect bland of thickness, color and aroma. High in lycopene.

Pack Size

  • Net weight
  • 70g, 210g, 400g, & 2.2kg
  • No. of tins in carton
  • 10sac x 70g per carton

    50sac x 70g per carton

    50HO x 70g per carton

    50EO x 70g per carton

    100HO x 70g per carton

    100EO x 70g per carton

    48HO x 210g per carton

    48EO x 2100g per carton

    24HO x 400g per carton

    24EO x 400g per carton

    6HO x 2.2kg per carton
  • No. Of cartons in 20 container
  • 4600crt / 100sac x 70g

    2300crt / 50sac x 70g

    4400crt / 50HO x 70g

    4400crt / 50EO x 70g

    2300crt / 100HO x 70g

    2200crt / 100EO x 70g

    1680crt / 48HO x 210

    1680crt / 48EO x 2100g

    1920crt / 24HO x 400g

    1920crt / 24EO x 400g

    1500crt / 6HO x 2.2kg